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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knarly: Vista retains idiotic naming conventions

So, the Vista team have picked up some idiotic standards that somehow managed to get into earlier versions of windows.

Does the picture give you a clue? Think about powerusers for a sec. Powerusers, and there are many of us out there, want to do things with as few mouse movements and keystrokes as possible..

.. so why the F**K do Microsoft insist on naming ALL of their standard folders "My..."

Starting to get what I mean? You've had your windows system for ever.. you want to get to your pictures.. so get to your "My Documents" ( there they go again ) folder quick as possible. You've had this PC for a while, so it's chock full of folders so how do you get to your Pics Quick? Sorry - you are shit out of luck..

If someone had bothered to think things through and put your pictures in a folder called "Pictures", you'd just click anywhere in the window ( or tab to the folders ) and type "p" and be you'd either be there, or pretty close..

Sorry for the rant, but there are lots of smart people out there who think about the details of a user interface, and that makes the difference. It would be great if Microsoft would hire one.


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