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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hot: iPhone friendly shopping list site: Listingly.com

OK.. this is cool.. hot.. whatever.

There are LOTS of list sites out there, and I wasn't sure if I needed another one, but this has four things that work together to make this my favorite.

1) Smartlists
You can use it for any kind of lists, but it has some built in inteligence about groceries. If you create a "Grocery List" then it will autosuggest items as you type. You type "app" and before you get any further it will prompt with things like "Apple, Produce", "Apple Juice, Drinks", Apple Sauce, Condiments" etc. The nice thing is that if you select it, then it's grouped by grocery department.

2) It's cell phone / mobile device friendly.
Any of the lists can be pulled up a web enabled cell phone, and items can be ticked off the list.
That is sooooper nice. Walking around the store, everything grouped by department and just tick the stuff off the list! The cell phone URL provides a simple interface. You can add things to a list, and tick things off the list, but listingly expects most of the list management to happen at the desktop.

3) It remembers old items
For any list you want, it can remember old items. This is really great for shopping lists. I never remember what I need.. so before I go shopping, I click "view history" and there are all the thigns that I've ordered in the past, I'm like "Oh crap.. yeah, we're running out out TP" so I click to add it back to the list.

4) Lists are sharable.
Nice.. I have a shared grocery list for the house. When I sign into listingly it tells me if any of my lists have been updated by someone else, what they added etc. Very nice. Very useful.

So this is a HOT tool that is great for any list that you want to always be in your pocket. Exceptionally useful for groceries thanks to the smart list.


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