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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Big Con - America Has Been Hijacked by Right-Wing Extremists

At last the explanation I have been looking for to help with my confusion.

As a non-American, when I came to this country, based on simple historical definitions of the two parties, I labeled myself a "Republican". When I saw what Repubublicans actually DID I ran fleeing to the other side - because there is nowhere else to go.

This article ( and therefore this book ) are for anyone under the age of 40 who is educated, smart, knows something isn't right, and wants to know the details.

The Big Con - America Has Been Hijacked by Right-Wing Extremists

I come away understanding why my gut tells me that Ron Paul is not the NUT that the GOP present him as.. he's the last vestige of hope based on where they have come from, when they actually were a party that could be an asset to the country. Sometimes it IS good to roll back the clock, to do things the old fashioned way, and Ron Paul is the man for the job.

That's why, even though I can't vote, he's getting my verbal support, and my financial support.. because this isn't a game - but we can still loose.


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